November 20th, 2016

I don’t even know where to start with this entry. I really feel like maybe I should have a brainstorming day where I literally just brainstorm all the ideas I can possibly think of for this book thing.

What are some things you find interesting? Hmm I know you like to eat cardboard. You enjoy running – but not as much as you used to because you don’t do it as often and sometimes things (bones, joints, muscles) get a little rusty without constant use. You also enjoy biking. You like to watch some TV shows – Big Bang, Scandal, Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, to name a few. Hmm what else do you like to do? You seem to enjoy sweeping the floor. You call it mopping though, which is just wrong in my opinion. But I think maybe you take after the whole “a healthy house is a healthy mind” frame of thought. And you just walked in so I lost my train of thought. But I love you. Anyway. And now you’re asking what I’m doing. You just asked if you’re annoying and I said yes. Why do we need to hang out? Right now? Lina! I’m trying to make sure you don’t see this at the same time that I can’t stop typing because I have an app that won’t let me stop or I’ll lose everything I had typed up until that point. And omg, Lina. You’re so nosy! But I love you. Now go away. Ok my time on this app is up, finally I can stop typing. Now we can hang out.

It’s hard to get anything done around here.

This picture is more or less what happened earlier.

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