November 24th, 2016

Do you remember our first “official” date?

Of course you do. It changed your life forever because now you have this person named Natalya who is your partner and with whom you have bought a house and with whom you will get a dog and with whom you share a bed every night.

That day was a pivotal day for us both. Actually, technically, I think the pivotal day was when we met at Toastr but for the purpose of this entry, I’m gonna talk about our first “official” date – the Double Decker Bus Tour.

You were so cute. Still are!

When I look back, I remember you as being actually kind of… shy. Almost. Like, I feel like we didn’t make a lot of eye contact on the bus. But I guess that makes sense because technically you’re not supposed to be looking at the people on the bus but at the views and buildings and history being explained around you. But I feel like we were more purposeful in NOT making eye contact with one another. Does that make sense?

Anyway, the bus tour was a BRILLIANT idea for a first date. It’s so great because it’s outside, it’s interactive, it’s fun, it’s educational, there are so many conversation starters throughout the tour.

Such a good idea. You have to listen to the tour which is a good excuse in case it’s awkward between the two people. But you’re also able to talk a little, so that’s better than a movie (although movies invite cuddles and kisses in the dark. But sometimes that’s too much pressure for people for a first date. Hi.). When you’re going around town on the bus and you see something that triggers a memory for you, you can tell the person you’re with about it and that’ll teach them a little about you, and vice versa – it’s a great way to get to know one another.

Anyway, I’m bringing this up today because I came across this photo and you’re so goddamn cute and pretty and that was such a great day and it’s the first photographic record I have of you in my life, so I will always treasure it.

First picture I ever took of you and of course you’re drinking Starbucks

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