November 26th, 2016

Let’s play a fun game where I show you a picture and you have to guess where or when it came from. The picture will be of an event or thing that involved both of us and I will have taken it. I will talk about the day or the event and that will be your hint. If you guess it wrong, that’s too bad. If you guess it right, then great! Good for you! Your prize is in the mail but since we’re in the process of moving as I write this, it will probably get lost and you’ll never receive it. Sorry. Nothing I can do about that.

Here is the picture:


Ok. So with the exception of one, in every picture I have of you from this day you have this GIANT smile on your face and you just look so damned happy all the time. In the one picture where you’re not smiling, it’s because you’re drinking coffee and it’s hard to drink coffee and smile at the same time. But maybe you were smiling on the inside. I don’t know.

It was a sunny and beautiful day. It started out chilly because you have your black winter jacket. The one where the zipper eventually broke and your mom said it couldn’t really be fixed? That one? Anyway, so you had this jacket on at the beginning of the day but by the time this photo was taken, that beautiful, bright sun had warmed up the city. We had been walking around for some time and you were getting hot so you looped your finger through the tag and slung the jacket over your shoulder to carry it. You also had your yellow backpack.

Have you figured out when this is from?

This day was also the first time I ever saw the magnificent view of the city from Riverdale Park.

I had a really great time this day. It was a rather important day in our relationship. Not that every day isn’t an important day, but this was extra important, I guess.

Have you figured out when this is from yet?

Final clue: on this same day, we sat on a bus that was NOT run by the TTC.

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