November 29th, 2016

What do you think of past lives?

I think on some level, I do believe in it. In a way.

Just like with aliens, it’s kind of hard not to believe in there being something else defining our lives. It’s underwhelming to think we’re all brand spankin’ new beings when we’re born, and then when we go, we go. That’s it.

If you think about it, nothing else on our planet really exists so absolutely and finitely as our conscience lives do. Everyone and everything has an end to its life, but because we each exist solely within our own mind, we have no way of experiencing the end of someone else’s.

Do you understand?

We can witness the end of other lives, but we can’t technically witness our own. We can only experience it. But then, even that is debatable because part of experiencing something is the ability to process it afterwards, to have that split second of time where we are aware, however minutely, of what has just occurred. And if we’re dead… well, I mean, how much experiencing are we doing if we’re dead?

But then that brings us back to what I said earlier about believing in life after death on some level. I guess I don’t really believe we can experience things after we’ve died, on a conscious level, but maybe that our aura lives on? Or something?

Death and what happens afterwards is one of those things that’s never been proven but has been theorized about countless times. And for many people, they have a belief, a truth even, for what happens afterwards. Christians will stand by their theories until long after they’ve died. They’re all imagining themselves sitting up there in heaven, at the right hand of god, feasting away on turkey legs and crème brûlée, looking down on Earth and thinking, “yep, yep, this is what I thought. I knew it. God, you did say so. Good thing I followed all the commandments and rules in your Bible exactamundo, right down to a T. Well mostly anyway. I mean, you’re pretty forgiving, right, God? It’s ok I lusted after my neighbour’s wife, right? It must be, since I’m here now, and I can’t even COUNT all the times I thought about my neighbour’s wife when I saw her bent over the garden haha but YOU know what I’m talkin’ about, you made her look like that.” Meanwhile, God is just sitting there thinking the only reason people get into heaven is because God had super high standards when humans were created and if all the standards were followed, literally nobody would be in heaven keeping God company. So really, God is just bored.

God is probably bored in that scenario I just described anyway because clearly that person is a straight white man used to hearing himself talk.


So many people are so convinced they know what’s gonna happen after they die, and I think that’s great. I think belief and faith are powerful tools. While I personally don’t believe I’ll be sitting around eating turkey legs for the rest of eternity, I do like to believe that there is some facet of myself that carries on somewhere else. Even if I’m just like one of those little seeds off a wishy, blowing around in the wind. Just a chunk of me, floating around, never really settling.

This is a wishy.

I do wonder though, if someday, way off into the future, someone will literally be able to prove what happens after we die, and it’s NOTHING like what we’ve imagined. Like, 20 thousand years into the future, kids are leaving class laughing and talking about how their teacher taught them that for centuries people believed humans spent eternity sitting next to a god eating turkey legs and they got the idea from a children’s book called the Bible.

Or, even better! Rather than 20 thousand years into the future, can you imagine if we die and we’re fully aware of everything that is happening with our soul or conscious (so the part that thinks and is aware) and we’re just like, “oh. This is the afterlife?” and ALL OF LIFE’S QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED. And then we have allllll this knowledge and extra-dimensional awareness but we can’t do anything with it ‘cause, y’know, we’re dead.

Man, that would be painful. I’d just want to go around and tell everybody who’s alive what it’s like to be dead. It’d be so hard not to process it with other people. I guess I could talk to other dead people, but they already know everything too. It’d be like the theory of a communist state where everyone is equal in their knowledge and their state of being. There’s no class system, there are no bodies anymore, there’s no ugliness, there’s no beauty, capitalism doesn’t exist because there’s nothing to trade because there’s no drive, there’s no need, there’s no survival because we’re dead. So no dead person has an advantage over another dead person.


I just came up with that theory. I should start telling Christians that while they’re up eating turkey legs in heaven for all eternity, I’ll be an all-knowing transient aura in a communist state for the rest of time.


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