December 1st, 2016

So! We just bought our first house together! We officially got the keys and I am officially the happiest person on this planet!

It’s such a beautiful home with such a positive, affirming energy and I can’t wait to live there and watch our life unfold.

Just to recap, so we can remember this day for the rest of our lives:

You took BeauBeau in this morning to get all fixed up for the winter season. I did schoolwork. A little half-assed because I was excited, and it was hard to concentrate. You texted a picture of a cock-a-poo on PetFinder named Sammy. You thought he was a Golden Doodle and tried to convince me to call the foster home to get him. And I was like, but we haven’t even got the keys to our new place! Shouldn’t we do that first? And then you realized he was the same kind of dog as Brio and stopped encouraging me to call.

At 2:54pm we got an email from the lawyer’s (Feld Kalia) office saying SUCCESS and that everything went through and our keys were ready for us! I took a picture of one line from the email and sent it to my family. They were happy for us.


At about 4:45pm, we met a block away from the lawyer’s office because I was there early and you were walking from work. I was there early because I was so afraid I would be late so I grabbed a cab on Broadview near our apartment. It ended up being a female cab driver and in solidarity of womanhood, I gave her a really good cash tip. She seemed appreciative.

So you and I met on Queen and walked down to the office. We were excited. We walked into the office and the receptionist was there. She didn’t seem quite as excited as us, but she did congratulate us when we told her why we were there. She gave us a little envelope with one single, solitary key: the key to the rest of our lives.


When we stepped out of the office, I was so excited my breath was a little caught in my chest. I think we squealed.

We walked down to King Street to catch a streetcar. Leave it to TTC to be ridiculous and stupid on the greatest day of our lives because I think like, at least 17 streetcars diverting at Parliament passed by us. We kept considering catching a cab because I was so super excited and wanted to hurry up and just get there already. But then a streetcar came. And it was packed because it was rush hour. We stood for a couple stops but then a pair of seats became free and we sat down. I kinda stole the spot because a guy was in front of the seats but he wasn’t sitting because he was turned the other way asking if the lady next to him wanted to sit and when he was distracted talking to her, I snuck in and got us the seat. I don’t feel bad about it. Not really.

So we got home, we ate leftover pulled chicken. You ate it with crackers. Our intention was to get something to eat at or near the new place but you were getting hangry and we needed to get something small in your belly to tide you over.

We grabbed the bottle of champagne Mik got me for my half-birthday, the two leather Ikea chairs from g’ma, and cleaning supplies, and headed down to the car to drive to our new home!


Oh my goodness! It was so exciting stepping into our new home! Our car actually had so much room in the garage! So glad BeauBeau is so small and cute.

The previous owners left a box of Lindt chocolates which was really very sweet of them.

We went around and check stuff in the house, you worked on the washer, dryer, and dishwasher. I checked to make sure all the electric plugs worked, and put together the two chairs. We each did a little bit of cleaning. We popped our bottle of champagne and drank from the plastic Wine and Food Show cups Mom got us when we moved into our apartment.

We took this picture and I sent it to my family:


And that was officially the first bit of living we did in our new place. Also the only bit for the day because then we went back to the apartment because it was late and we were tired from the excitement.

And look at us now! I assume you’re reading this from the new house. Or that you were just in the new house and will go back again shortly.

Well. Cheers to our new home and the rest of our lives together!


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