December 3rd, 2016

Yesterday I wrote about narrative bias so I didn’t write about the locksmith that came by the house and secured us safely inside our home.

I actually don’t have much to say about him. I already told you everything there is to say about him. He said our back door is made of styrofoam – my eyes went really wide and my jaw dropped when he told me this. Basically the same reaction happened when I told you, too. Understandable. Who would expect that their backdoor is made of the same debatably recyclable material we eat takeaway Chinese food on?

Speaking of Chinese, we live in a Chinese neighbourhood now – day three. How’s that working for you? Ok I know we haven’t really actually lived at the new place yet. We’re still living at the place with the gorgeous view but no control over our heat.

I imagine someday we’ll look back and think how preposterous it was that we lived in a place that was a million degrees 365 days a year and we had literally no choice in how to change that million degree temperature. Like, minus 30 degree winter weather with a blizzard blowing around outside and yet there was always at least one window open in our place. And YOU lived there! YOU! You’re the most cold-blooded person I know (I mean that in a nice way – it works well for me that you’re so cold-blooded when I’m so hot-blooded).

I think when I hit menopause I’m going to have the opposite reaction from most people – instead of hot flashes I’ll be cold. I’ll be down in some sub-tropical weather (or global warming will hit yet another all-time high), you’ll be fanning yourself in the heat and I’ll just start shivering and hugging myself. I’ll try to get close to you for your heat and you’ll just be like, “oh no. No, no, get away from me. I’m way too hot to have you near me.”

What an interesting role reversal that would be, eh?

I’d welcome it. I’ve always preferred being cold over hot. It’s easier to warm up than it is to cool down. And I’m a true Canuck, eh? Ha.

Anyway, I have to get back to doing school work but it was nice talking to you about menopause.

Will this be you?

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